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Supporting open source

Stream is created by the authors of Stream Framework, the most widely used open source solution for building scalable newsfeeds. Your data is always yours. Stream allows you to write backups to an S3 bucket of your choosing. This gives you the freedom to move to an in-house solution when you want to.

  actor: 'eric-id',
  verb: 'tweet',
  object: 'tweet-id',
  tweet: 'hello world'
We also have clients for:
  • ruby
  • js
  • python
  • php
  • java
  • django
  • laravel
  • rails
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Don’t reinvent the wheel feed

Feeds, activity streams and newsfeeds are many names for the same concept. stream was built on years of experience with creating streams for high-traffic websites with millions of users.
Stream enables your site to show content from people you follow in a scalable manner.

Multi-region support

Worldwide low latency

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Free till 3 million updates

Zero maintenance, Lower monthly costs and best of all weeks of development time saved

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